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For your sliding and swing gates, you are covered.

Thinking of automating your gate?
You are in the right place!



  • Enhanced Security

  • Greater Convenience

  • Better Access Control

  • Increased Property Value

  • Cost-Effective

  • Privacy and more

why use centurion?

  • Built with durability in mind

  • Readily available parts

  • Back-up battery to cover up power failure

  • good technical support 

  • cost-effective 

  • brilliant control board 




  • Schedule an online appointment with us or call us directly - from this, we would get to know the nature of what you have, and then we would give you our professional recommendation



  • Upon approval of what is recommended, we would tell you the payment and site condition terms before we move to the site.



  • Upon agreement and approval of stage 2, we would proceed with project execution.